Gratitude # 39

I’m going to try a different format today. As I was trying to catch the bus home earlier today, I got the distinct joy of watching the bus turn down the road to my stop — while I was a good one minute run away from it. Few things grate on my nerves quite like barely missing my bus, especially when I’m in a hurry to go home and feed a hungry baby. I called my husband to let him know the situation and continued on to my stop. To make the best of a lousy situation, I pulled out my notebook and pen for some actual writing time. I didn’t write the next best seller, but I did get to write out my thoughts and get a better feel for my thought processes. A couple of tasks seemed much more manageable afterwards. As a reward for waiting patiently, I got to chat with my favorite bus driver, Lori, on the way home. Lori’s one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet, and she’s my silver-lining when I miss the bus before her. In talking to her, I found out that’s submitted her bid to drive the same route next semester (the bus system runs around UF’s semesters as student tuition funds about 51% of RTS‘s budget).

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