Gratitude # 41

This morning was a bit hectic. I hadn’t gotten to bed until after midnight because I got a late start baking all the cookies I had prepared the couple days before. I kept needing to reorganize the fridge because the cookie doughs began to take up a lot of space and made it difficult to remove anything else. The baby was a little bit fussy, so I knew better than to lay down and try nursing him to sleep — no, this was a job for the rocker recliner. I lulled him to sleep and got some sleep myself. This morning was a mad dash out of the house to get to the bus stop on time (during the winter break, the bus service is reduced down to every half hour for my particular route — it’s only one bus going around). However, I was pleasantly surprised to see Lori on the route instead of the usual guy. He’s on vacation, so Lori’s taking over the reduced service for the next couple of weeks. She’s not pleased about driving it as early in the morning as it starts, but I’m sure glad to see her. This means she’s going to be looking out for me to make sure I’m not left behind to either wait half an hour or walk (and trust me, sometimes I’d rather just walk so as not to feel like I’m just wasting time). I am so grateful to have her driving for the next couple of days before the university closes and throws us out for our mandatory vacation.

I’m also quite grateful that I got my Christmas cookie baking handled. I’ve got a few batches packaged up and awaiting pick-up from our FedEx driver, and I’m even hoping people I have spoken to in a while get to enjoy some cookies. I guess I’m just feeling very good about life right now — but that might be the extra sugar and chocolate talking!

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