Breaking Radio Silence

I have all but disappeared from the blogosphere and Twitterverse of the past year. I suppose I have no particular reason other than a need for quiet, if that. Perhaps it has been merely laziness, but I feel drawn to return to my writing now that I am studying for my Master of Humanities in English. Reading the literature and discussing concepts and theories with my peers renewed my love for intellectual discourse, so I plan to bravely return to this space.

I will begin by participating in Susannah Conway’s The August Break, ¬†and I believe I shall use nothing more than my phone’s cameras to capture each day’s prompt. No need to dive head first into the practice — just a simple step into the water to feel the waves upon my feet once again.


#MayCultivate2016 Day 2 Response

What would your voice finally be able to say or do if it were finally freed of the backspace?

I would express my thoughts and opinions without censoring myself. Oftentimes, I find myself backspacing words because I feel they may be too provocative or offensive. Of course, this doesn’t stop the inner censor from considering how to word everything carefully. I pause before speaking at times because I’m afraid of saying the wrong thing or — worse — jumbling my thoughts, leading to confusion. My pinched nerve likely has some effect on my thought processes, although I could be placing blame where it’s not needed.


#MayCultivate2016 Day 1 Response

What challenges do you face? How can you turn them into blessings? What can you do to do to live a life you love?

I’m challenged by my financial situation, current location, and overall GPA. I’m not able to afford much, which allows me the opportunity to pause and consider whether a product or service is truly worth the amount of time spent earning the money to pay for it. This blesses me when applying for aid for schools. I’m currently living in a rural community with limited resources, but I’m also able to enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature. It’s blessed me with an idea of acreage and long term goals. I’ve been afforded the opportunity to become a recognizable member of the community, as well. My overall GPA, while a little frightening, only proves that I excel when taking the right courses — my major GPA shows that applying to graduate school to earn my PhD in English and teach college level courses is quite viable. It’ll allow me to rule out schools and narrow down my growing list of programs to research.