#MayCultivate2016 Day 2 Response

What would your voice finally be able to say or do if it were finally freed of the backspace?

I would express my thoughts and opinions without censoring myself. Oftentimes, I find myself backspacing words because I feel they may be too provocative or offensive. Of course, this doesn’t stop the inner censor from considering how to word everything carefully. I pause before speaking at times because I’m afraid of saying the wrong thing or — worse — jumbling my thoughts, leading to confusion. My pinched nerve likely has some effect on my thought processes, although I could be placing blame where it’s not needed.

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One Reply to “#MayCultivate2016 Day 2 Response”

  1. That is such an interesting question! I like how you mention both the “inner censor” and the backspace. The backspace only helps with one type of censoring. Pausing before speaking, another. But I’m not sure I would want to live in a world where no one censors themselves. You would always hearing exactly what people thought, no matter how hurtful, and that could cause more trouble than any number of problems it could solve.
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