Gratitude # 34

I either just can’t find a moment to write when I have the inspiration or can’t seem to recall my inspiration when I do finally have the time. So, I suppose I’ll just stick to what works these days — gratitude!

1. I am grateful for the silver-lining on my lunch break (I missed my bus and lost 15 minutes of time with my family, but I got to ride the bus with one of my favorite drivers. She’s such a sweetheart.)
2. I am grateful that it’s not raining today.
3. I am grateful for how smoothly things seemed at home during lunch time.
4. I am grateful that Publix has very good sales this week — as in their sales match up with needs, coupons, and wants.
5. I am grateful that next year’s calendar will feature lovely floral arrangements instead of obscure microscopic images.

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One Reply to “Gratitude # 34”

  1. You really have mastered the art of finding the joy in small unexpected places. Kudos! Guess who I talked to on the phone last night? David Mott from Dad’s House. Wow! For that, I am truly grateful. He let me ask him a bunch of questions for a project I’m working on. It was so AMAZING. And I’m also grateful that I have you to share all of this with. (Someone who understands how cool this is!)

    Hope you have a great day!

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