Feeling Uninspired

I’m going to type a little piece that I wrote yesterday afternoon during seminar. I haven’t been able to really get my thoughts to congeal into something audience-worthy all week it seems, but I’m quite proud of the piece I wrote yesterday.

I enjoy filling blank, white pages with colorful, meaningful ink. Looking at a blank notebook that I can write my thoughts into really thrills me. Putting the pen to paper results in a satisfying flow of thoughts and energy. Looking at the words that I have left for future reference brings me joy and relief. When I’ve filled a book with my words and ink, I feel accomplished. I feel like my mind has been given room to breathe and expand.

I love conducting personal research. I find a topic to be fascinating, and so I choose to learn more about it. I hunt for reputable sources to increase my knowledge. I read whatever I can find to fill the void. When I have finished, I feel smarter, more knowledgeable. I feel as thought I’ve used my intellectual capacity in a beneficial way.

I have had a lot of writing accomplished [yesterday]. I allowed my creativity to flow, to be inspired to simply write for the love of writing. I have taken time with one of my favorite media of expression, and I have fulfilled the need to quiet my mind and be present in the moment.

The above piece was very beneficial to my mindfulness pursuits. Again, I hope you enjoyed it.

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