#Reverb14 Day 20

How could you make space for joy in the year to come? How could you protect it?

I had to snoop around a bit before really pondering this question today. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. Then I realized something — I once had a daily practice that made space and protected my joy! When everything crumbled, my daily practice of gratitude and happiness fell with it all. I haven’t made the time to sit and write my lists. I use little notebooks to write out my concerns, just to get them off my mind for the moment; then I write a list of 5 things I’m grateful for; then I write a list of 5 things I accomplished, no matter how big or small; and finally I write a list of 5 things that make me happy. Once I’ve completed this practice, I feel happier and lighter. Even if I turn the corner to find something unpleasant, I’ve at least given myself the opportunity to count my blessings and bring myself joy. Also, I used to publish weekly Thankful Thursday posts. That practice, too, has fallen to the wayside in favor of all those urgent matters. If you’re familiar with Steven Covey and his four quadrants, basically I was spending a lot more time in quadrants 1 and 3. When I was done with those, all I could muster was the strength to goof off in quadrant 4. That magical quadrant 2 is where the lists and posts come into play. It’s time to stop worrying so much and goofing off. It’s time to quit sabotaging myself and start nurturing myself and my joy.

In 2015, I intend to reinforce my gratitude and happiness practices. This is a natural progression from the intention to pen in more time to nourish myself. You see, I just completed a free e-course that helped me flesh out my word for 2015, and I choose nurture. Or maybe it choose me. Either way, everything is falling back into place, and it’s time to nurture myself and get my life back.

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