Best Change to Our Apartment of 2009

We had been sharing our bedroom with our daughter at the start of the year since she was still breastfeeding — trust me, it’s much easier if you’re both in the same room when it’s the middle of the night. Our third bedroom was a computer room meant to become her room whenever she weaned. Well, getting pregnant initiates a series of hormones that made breastfeeding absolutely irritating. Let’s just say tender, sore, and swollen do not make for an enjoyable latching experience. So, I weaned her. However, her bed was still in our room, and a certain daddy was not too pleased with the little wiggle worm who’d come invade the bed every night. (There was also that whole issue of needing her to move down the hallway before Brian Jr. was born, but this was several months before his birth.) One weekend, he moved everything out of the computer room, thoroughly cleaned it up, and moved Tati’s stuff down the hallway to her own room. Tati and I were both upset at first. I’d grown very attached to my little girl curling up in bed with me, as had she. She cried the first couple of nights (I did, too). Then a wonderful thing happened — she began to enjoy her very own room, all meant for her girlie-girl self. Now, she’s as happy as can be and will play around instead of napping most of the time.

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  1. There is something to be said for snuggling with your little ones. They grow too quickly. And all too soon they tire of the snuggling. (Or so I’ve heard. I’m blessed that my kids still want to hang out with me.)

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