Gratitude # 71

To continue yesterday’s grateful sentiments, my friend enjoyed a delicious dinner with us. We got to catch up a bit on goings-on in our lives. Not only did we get an evening with her, but we also got lunch time with her. She picked me up from work, more chatting ensued, we hang out at my place with the fam, and then she dropped me back off at work before heading back on the road. Now, the very wonderful news: she will be returning to us very, very soon. I encouraged her several times to check out the apartments in our complex — and swore up and down I wasn’t being the least bit selfish. Okay, so maybe I am, but could you blame me for wanting one of my besties within walking distance? 😉

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One Reply to “Gratitude # 71”

  1. Noope. Makes perfect sense to me. If I could get Jennie closer, I would in a heart beat. Hope you made a convincing argument. Time will tell.

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