[Thankful Thursday] Balance and Recovery

Today I’m incredibly grateful to have gotten some semblance of balance back into my life — why, Mount Washmore’s actually been kept in line! I’ve learned how to organize my time on work days, squeezing in whatever chores need completion before leaving for a full day’s work. During my meal breaks, I also know how to make that hour into my own. Mr. Hemingway’s literature takes me away to Europe. It doesn’t hurt to know the bills will get paid. I’m relieved to say Christmas will be reasonable, and a February move date looms on the horizon. Life is going mostly my way right now, and I’m thankful that I can finally say that again. It’s been a very difficult past year, but everything’s beginning to fall into place.

Can I also say how glorious it is to have autumn temperatures beginning to roll in? After 14 years in Florida, it’s nice to see a cool down in September instead of December.

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