#ThankfulThursday Internet Inspiration

If it weren’t for this lovely tool we call the Internet, I don’t believe I’d find even half the inspiration I’ve found that feeds my soul these days. I’m filled with appreciation for all the wonderful people who inspire me to achieve my goals and live a life worth living. Today, I’m going to show some love by linking you to some wonderfully inspirational people who will change the way you live your life.

Gwen Bell
Nicki A. M.
Jeanne Hewell-Chambers
Kaileen Elise
Cali Harris
Patrick Rhone
Brenda Della Casa
Ashley Ambirge
Teresa Deak
Kelly Gurnett
Diana Rosenfield

I’ll let their words tell you more about them. They’re all very eloquent, wonderful people who will encourage you to reach for higher meaning and creating a life worth living. Yes, I say that a lot: a life worth living. We only get so many seasons here before we are recalled to wherever you believe we go after we cease to be. Thank you to all of these people who keep me feeling optimistic, who make sure my dreams stay alive.

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