#ThankfulThursday Healthy Bank Account

Today is a wonderful day. Today, my bank account is healthy once more. My hard work has manifested in the form of sweet legal tender, good for a variety of goods and services. We are well on our way to recovery. We’ve reached the halfway point of September, and I have become more adjusted to our new schedules — we all have, really. I won’t lie — it’s strenuous work. However, it’s work well worth the effort because I’m that much closer to reaching goals I’ve set for myself and for my family. Work I complete today will add another step to the bridge I’m building towards my goals. By February, I assume we will be more than able to find our very own place. The recovery I achieve today will pave the way to rebuild during October and November. We are on a journey: from recovery, we move to rebuilding, then to reverberating, and next to realigning. What comes after our realignment? Perhaps rejoicing. Onward and upward!

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