[Thankful Thursday] Multiple Ideas

Friday night I intended to go to bed early after writing my three pages. Of course, the three pages — which are usually meant to decompress — got my synapses firing with creative ideas. Simply by observing what others do with their own enterprises, I’ve realized that I can creatively maximize my time and expertise. (Sorry, details are under wraps for the time being.) Let’s just say the power of multiplication definitely intrigues me, and I grew much more confident in my ability to reach the goal of earning $45k by 2013 and $90k by 2014. Why do these numbers matter so much to me? First starters, I have a family to care for. If my business endeavors are to take center-stage in the bank account, then they need to replace the need for commuting to another boss. Secondly, I’m all about building a firm foundation in life, and you don’t get any firmer physical manifestation of a foundation than a house. I thrive when I can dig my roots into the ground, securely supporting myself through all seasons. I want to do what I love, but what I love needs to do for me as well. Building financial stability will only further enable me to focus on teaching others to use their words and language properly. So today I’m thankful that I’ve finally figured out the how: how am I going to make this a viable business venture? Simple! With a little thing called multiplication.

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