[Thankful Thursday] Multiple Ideas

Friday night I intended to go to bed early after writing my three pages. Of course, the three pages — which are usually meant to decompress — got my synapses firing with creative ideas. Simply by observing what others do with their own enterprises, I’ve realized that I can creatively maximize my time and expertise. (Sorry, details are under wraps for the time being.) Let’s just say the power of multiplication definitely intrigues me, and I grew much more confident in my ability to reach the goal of earning $45k by 2013 and $90k by 2014. Why do these numbers matter so much to me? First starters, I have a family to care for. If my business endeavors are to take center-stage in the bank account, then they need to replace the need for commuting to another boss. Secondly, I’m all about building a firm foundation in life, and you don’t get any firmer physical manifestation of a foundation than a house. I thrive when I can dig my roots into the ground, securely supporting myself through all seasons. I want to do what I love, but what I love needs to do for me as well. Building financial stability will only further enable me to focus on teaching others to use their words and language properly. So today I’m thankful that I’ve finally figured out the how: how am I going to make this a viable business venture? Simple! With a little thing called multiplication.


[Thankful Thursday] Balance and Recovery

Today I’m incredibly grateful to have gotten some semblance of balance back into my life — why, Mount Washmore’s actually been kept in line! I’ve learned how to organize my time on work days, squeezing in whatever chores need completion before leaving for a full day’s work. During my meal breaks, I also know how to make that hour into my own. Mr. Hemingway’s literature takes me away to Europe. It doesn’t hurt to know the bills will get paid. I’m relieved to say Christmas will be reasonable, and a February move date looms on the horizon. Life is going mostly my way right now, and I’m thankful that I can finally say that again. It’s been a very difficult past year, but everything’s beginning to fall into place.

Can I also say how glorious it is to have autumn temperatures beginning to roll in? After 14 years in Florida, it’s nice to see a cool down in September instead of December.


#ThankfulThursday Internet Inspiration

If it weren’t for this lovely tool we call the Internet, I don’t believe I’d find even half the inspiration I’ve found that feeds my soul these days. I’m filled with appreciation for all the wonderful people who inspire me to achieve my goals and live a life worth living. Today, I’m going to show some love by linking you to some wonderfully inspirational people who will change the way you live your life.

Gwen Bell
Nicki A. M.
Jeanne Hewell-Chambers
Kaileen Elise
Cali Harris
Patrick Rhone
Brenda Della Casa
Ashley Ambirge
Teresa Deak
Kelly Gurnett
Diana Rosenfield

I’ll let their words tell you more about them. They’re all very eloquent, wonderful people who will encourage you to reach for higher meaning and creating a life worth living. Yes, I say that a lot: a life worth living. We only get so many seasons here before we are recalled to wherever you believe we go after we cease to be. Thank you to all of these people who keep me feeling optimistic, who make sure my dreams stay alive.


#ThankfulThursday Healthy Bank Account

Today is a wonderful day. Today, my bank account is healthy once more. My hard work has manifested in the form of sweet legal tender, good for a variety of goods and services. We are well on our way to recovery. We’ve reached the halfway point of September, and I have become more adjusted to our new schedules — we all have, really. I won’t lie — it’s strenuous work. However, it’s work well worth the effort because I’m that much closer to reaching goals I’ve set for myself and for my family. Work I complete today will add another step to the bridge I’m building towards my goals. By February, I assume we will be more than able to find our very own place. The recovery I achieve today will pave the way to rebuild during October and November. We are on a journey: from recovery, we move to rebuilding, then to reverberating, and next to realigning. What comes after our realignment? Perhaps rejoicing. Onward and upward!


#ThankfulThursday Scheduled Posts

Believe it or not, this post was written a week and half before it was published. Because I’m unsure of my schedule during the next two weeks, I’ve taken the opportunity to harness my creativity and write two weeks worth of posts. The ability to write several posts and schedule them to be published at a later date allows me to take advantage of my thoughts and ideas and provide content without physically needing to push a button. In fact, I don’t even need to Tweet my posts in order to solicit readers — I’ve got a widget for that. Scheduling posts has also allowed me the freedom to publish content when I’m not physical present or capable of writing said content. While I’m away accomplishing tasks for my supervisors, I’m reassured that I’ve got material waiting to be read and shared.


#ThankfulThursday Change

I’m embracing change, feeling gratitude for the opportunity it’s bringing me. I’m no longer part of the unemployed masses. I’m bringing in money to pay our bills, reduce our debt, and change our circumstances. The past year and two months has given me time to reflect on my life’s path and consider my future. I know now that I want to become an English consultant, providing tutoring, writing, and editing services to my clients. I’ve also determined that there’s a need for sliding scale tutoring services. Everyone deserves educational success because I’ve come to realize that a Bachelor’s degree is the new High School Diploma. In my parents’ days, graduating from high school alone led to fairly lucrative careers. Nowadays, those same careers require a Bachelor’s degree. I believe this is because many more people have the ability to attend college, thanks to financial aid. However, student loans lead to economic hardship upon graduation, and it’s important that our children receive excellent education so that they can success in the classroom and in their careers. Better grades will lead to more scholarships and more opportunities. I also believe that the ability to read and write supersedes all other knowledge because we can’t learn history, science, or math without reading. We can’t use our knowledge without the ability to write. Reading and writing are also important in the workforce — from low level jobs to executive positions.

For the rest of 2011, I’ll be embracing change, working towards a better future, and spending more time manifesting what’s next.


#ThankfulThursday – A Nibble

On this lovely Thursday, I’ll finally be going* on a job interview. Now, I realize this isn’t what I keep manifesting here on The Prose of an Electrate Mind. I typically manifest self-employment and pursuing my passions, but the starving artist lifestyle doesn’t appeal to this momma. The first seven months of 2011 have shown me that I still have a long way to go before my passions can be the breadwinners in my life. Additionally, the job hunt hasn’t ended simply because I wished to be my own boss — far from it. I also realize that getting a shiny (or not-so-shiny) place of our own will likely be contingent upon having an employer, and that fact has plagued my 2011. As you can imagine, finally getting even a nibble on the line has filled me with hope for the future and a strong sense of gratitude. Perhaps this interview will lead to gainful employment and a path towards building the dream. This budding writer/ editor/ tutor/ consultant cannot function unless the bill collectors have been appeased, that’s for certain!

*By the time this post is published, I’ll likely already be finished with my interview. I plan to tweet the results.


Thankful Thursday: Early Spring

I know what you’re thinking. Wasn’t she looking forward to winter? Didn’t she say she missed the snow? Yes and yes — you’re absolutely right. I did say that. I was excited for sweater and scarf weather. I was excited for snow. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and I embraced the fact that it was more than I had enjoyed in several years. However, the sunshine, fresh air, and 60 degree weather has invited me to lounge by the window, send the kids out into the backyard to play, and even head outdoors myself. This weather brings planting season, which means I can start a fruit and vegetable garden in the backyard with my family. I would greatly appreciate going into the yard to pluck delicious, fresh food to feed to my family. Smelling the fresh mountain air has done wonders for my outlook on life as of late. I’ll admit this move has taken quite a toll on my psyche, and I’m more than ready for a change of pace. This weather has offered me that. Spring might not be technically due until next month, but I can tell that it’s here to stay in Northwest Georgia.


Thankful Thursday (February 10th)

Do you remember my gratitude series? Do you remember my lists? That’s right, I’m going to make a list today.

1. I’m thankful for the eBook by Ashley Ambirge, You Don’t Need A Job, You Need Guts. I’m on a journey to learn as much as I can in order to make this — my endeavors to become my own boss — work.
2. I’m thankful for the concept behind Letter.ly. While I doubt I’m even remotely ready to create my own paid subscription, it’s nice to know that I’ve got the option later down the line.
3. I’m thankful for L’Oreal Paris Collagen Micro-Pulse Eye. Seriously? Absolutely worth the amount I paid for it. I can’t say for certain if it’s helped rid me of dark under eye circles or if that’s simply because I’m back to taking my vitamins and iron pills, but I can say it makes my eyes feel so relaxed and refreshed. (Nope, not being paid to say this — but I’ll gladly accept compensation from L’Oreal if they feel so inclined.)

As this evening comes to a close, the fire burning in the fireplace begins to die down, and the satisfaction of hot chocolate and chocolate pudding still lingers on my tongue, I’m reminded that I have much more to be thankful for than I sometimes choose to admit.


Thankful Thursday: Opportunities Abound

To all my USA readers, happy thanksgiving! To all my non-USA readers, happy Thankful Thursday! While this is a tradition observed in the United States, I’m sure we could all use a day of celebration with food, family, and friends to remind us how fortunate we really are. On this Thanksgiving day, I’m thankful for my family, without whom I wouldn’t live very happily. I might be down on my luck right now, but I’m very fortunate that I’ve got some great people in my life. I’m also thankful that I’ve got a great opportunity to branch out on my own and begin my career anew starting in January. While theoretically I began formulating plans in July, I haven’t exactly made all the moves yet in order to go forward with the actual plan. I figure at this point it’s probably easier to wait until the advent of the new year anyway.

In addition to these joyous blessings, I’m thankful for my web host — Host Gator. Considering I’m an alumna of UF and a Florida Gator through-and-through, it feels like a perfect fit. For past couple of years, they’ve given me great web hosting service with all kinds of wonderful benefits. Tomorrow they’re running some seriously awesome Black Friday specials, and I’ve been authorized to stroke their egos all I want (as long as I don’t start spamming people). Head on over to HostGator.com to capitalized on a great deal. I promise you won’t be disappointed. They may not be in your face with young ladies daring to expose themselves, but they certainly know how to treat their customers. I can proudly say I both utilize their services and affiliate with them, and I’m not ashamed to promote their cause in the least.

So raise a glass, have some turkey (or tofurkey if that’s your style), and count your blessings. It’s a great day to be alive.