#ThankfulThursday – A Nibble

On this lovely Thursday, I’ll finally be going* on a job interview. Now, I realize this isn’t what I keep manifesting here on The Prose of an Electrate Mind. I typically manifest self-employment and pursuing my passions, but the starving artist lifestyle doesn’t appeal to this momma. The first seven months of 2011 have shown me that I still have a long way to go before my passions can be the breadwinners in my life. Additionally, the job hunt hasn’t ended simply because I wished to be my own boss — far from it. I also realize that getting a shiny (or not-so-shiny) place of our own will likely be contingent upon having an employer, and that fact has plagued my 2011. As you can imagine, finally getting even a nibble on the line has filled me with hope for the future and a strong sense of gratitude. Perhaps this interview will lead to gainful employment and a path towards building the dream. This budding writer/ editor/ tutor/ consultant cannot function unless the bill collectors have been appeased, that’s for certain!

*By the time this post is published, I’ll likely already be finished with my interview. I plan to tweet the results.

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