#ThankfulThursday Change

I’m embracing change, feeling gratitude for the opportunity it’s bringing me. I’m no longer part of the unemployed masses. I’m bringing in money to pay our bills, reduce our debt, and change our circumstances. The past year and two months has given me time to reflect on my life’s path and consider my future. I know now that I want to become an English consultant, providing tutoring, writing, and editing services to my clients. I’ve also determined that there’s a need for sliding scale tutoring services. Everyone deserves educational success because I’ve come to realize that a Bachelor’s degree is the new High School Diploma. In my parents’ days, graduating from high school alone led to fairly lucrative careers. Nowadays, those same careers require a Bachelor’s degree. I believe this is because many more people have the ability to attend college, thanks to financial aid. However, student loans lead to economic hardship upon graduation, and it’s important that our children receive excellent education so that they can success in the classroom and in their careers. Better grades will lead to more scholarships and more opportunities. I also believe that the ability to read and write supersedes all other knowledge because we can’t learn history, science, or math without reading. We can’t use our knowledge without the ability to write. Reading and writing are also important in the workforce — from low level jobs to executive positions.

For the rest of 2011, I’ll be embracing change, working towards a better future, and spending more time manifesting what’s next.

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  1. Thanks! I will still be following your blog closely — you’re full of so much inspiration and wisdom. No worries about not visiting more often. Life has a way of throwing some very interesting challenges to keep us on our toes.

    Also, thanks for complimenting the blog title. I was a student of Dr. Gregory Ulmer, and his work in electracy has greatly influenced my career path.

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