#ThankfulThursday #Cultivate2012

It probably sounds too egotistical, but I’m incredibly thankful for my inner brilliance showing through finally. Maybe it’s all the Hemingway literature I’ve been devouring, maybe it’s the inspiring new people I’ve been reading, or maybe it’s the inspiring people who are encouraging me. Whatever the reason, I’m grateful that I conceived of the Cultivate project, and I’m grateful that you’re following me down this path. Life feels like a good story at this moment — you don’t know where it’s going next, and you can’t wait to read on to find out more. I’ve got two days off in a row tomorrow, and you can bet that I’ll be spending some quality time with my family making memories and crossing items off of our lists. I haven’t felt this good about the start of a new year in a while. The last time I felt this good about the start of a new year, I ended up doing something epic. Considering how awesome that turned out, I have a strong sense of hope for 2012. I’m exceedingly thankful for the fresh start this year has offered me. While to some it’s an arbitrary change, to me this feels like a second chance to seize hold of my dreams — a second chance to build that better life, starting right now.

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