#Cultivate2012 Service

Service: Community service sounds terrifying to some people, but it’s necessary for a prosperous community. Was there something you contributed to your community this year? What can you do to help your community in 2013?

I didn’t do any service to my community, but at the time I was too busy cleaning up that which matters most. Now that I’ve gotten life in a stabilized state, I feel that I need to contribute something more to my community. I see so many projects that need at least one person to care enough to start.

I’d like to start an initiative to revive businesses at a few major intersections near my home. I also want to see businesses along a main route to Chattanooga revived and reopened. Our county needs more local jobs to support our local economy. We need  more than big box chains in a centralized section of a single town. Our county needs at least a little growth and change to boost our economy. I see too many dilapidated homes, too. Our residents deserve so much more than closed down businesses and run down homes. We deserve a beautiful community full of thriving families and businesses. Our children deserve better than this, too.

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