#Cultivate2012 Barriers

Barriers: Roadblocks always seem to pop up. How can you plan for these barriers that will inevitably thwart your plans?

My path is obstructed by income limits, the need to feed and provide healthcare for my family, and the isolation of my location. To make more money, I need to make under a certain amount to continue my children’s medical care. (Currently, I’ve hit that ceiling.) Alternatively, I need to make enough to be able to afford the benefits that negate the need to limit myself. I’m within a community that won’t easily allow me to cross that gap. Traveling to nearby Chattanooga increases the budget for gas and decreases the effectiveness of a higher income. My distance makes me less desirable as a candidate for one of those jobs, too. I’m also blocked by my late decision to pursue a potential career as a teacher. I don’t have the same credentials as my peers, and it will take a great effort on my part to compete for a teaching position.

I know that I really desire to make the home my base. I really want to make my workshops, eCourses, products, and services negate the need to entertain alternative plans. However, my roadblocks seem far too great to simply leap over. I feel that I must carefully side-step them in order to sprint towards that dream. I don’t know how to get to a safe point with that, and no one I know has walked that path before. I cannot find wise counsel in that regard. I also need my down time to rest and recover so long as I’m on this current path. I need to find a away to make my life more comfortable sooner. Unfortunately, Uncle Same doesn’t encourage free-form thinkers. He encourages the worker bees who are willing to follow pre-set paths. He penalizes the ones who want to cater to a niche based on our own expertise. It’s easier to bear your teeth and show him your nails when you don’t have babies to worry about. To protect my family, I must be logical and rational. I can’t be too big of a dreamer right now because I must ensure their health.

[Please note: if you disagree with my last few sentences, do not simply state your disagreement. Offer me examples of why I’m wrong and ways in which to make my dreams come true. You’ll do me much better to offer words of construction and encouragement than to berate me for saying something you disagree with.]

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