#Cultivate2012 Reframing

Reframing: How are you framing yourself, your relationships, your community, and your dreams? Could you reframe these as we enter 2013?

I’ve been working on the frames I assign to myself and the various facets of my life. Most days I frame myself as a capable woman who’s resourceful enough to make life work. Other days, my frame darkens and reflects a very miserable individual stuck in a deep, dark chasm.

I’ve framed my relationships as broken and dysfunctional. Instead of viewing them as such, I might reframe them as works in progress or in need of TLC. If something seems broken or dysfunctional, it should be fixed and given better functioning.

I viewed my community as a back-water, middle-of-nowhere location until this summer. I began reframing it as a cozy, quiet rural community that’s close enough to Chattanooga for my urban needs. I’ve also noticed areas in our county that need some life injected back into them. I’ve been inspired by a local philanthropist who’s breathed new life into downtown Lafayette and built a classy restaurant, an adorable tavern, and renovated the historic Mars Theater.

So during 2013, I’m going to frame everything as needing cultivation. Cultivating is an ongoing process that always leaves room to nurture bonds and growth.

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