#Cultivate2012 Support and Connect

Support and Connect: We need to connect with a support group in our community in case one of us falls on hard times. How strongly connected are you and your support group? How can you cultivate support and connections next year?

I’ve got a loose connection to my support network. It feels mostly tethered by the bonds of Facebook, but I feel the connections strengthen as time passes. Next year I need to identify ways to cultivate these connections more — to offer more support to those who have supported me. I’d like to actually interact more often with my support network — outside of the workplace, as is the case for most of my friends in my support network. I’d like to share more. I’d like to give more. I’d like to do more. Perhaps as life continues to stabilize, I’ll have the ability to do so. Until then, I’m going to keep dreaming up ways to be a supportive connection for those I care about.

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