#Cultivate2012 Friends

Friends: We need people who nurture us. Friends provide care, support, encouragement, and enjoyment. Are you treating your friends in a nurturing, supportive manner? How can you cultivate the friendships you hold dear?

I’ve got a lot of people who I interact with regularly, but I feel like I’m not cultivating friendships with the people I find good friendships with. I miss old friends and wish I could communicate with them more often. Obviously, I need to work hard on cultivating my friendships.

I’d like to start emailing old friends. Just because we’re friends on Facebook doesn’t mean we’re communicating. I really need to take the time to initiate email conversation. I’d also like to email some of my newer friends who I’ve met through this process more often. I’d like to cultivate my friendships with these strong, independent women. Empowered women help me feel empowered.

Finally, I’ve got friends locally that I’d like to spend more time with. I’d like to form stronger bonds by reaching out and communicating more. I haven’t been out with a friend since we lived in Gainesville. This is not what I’d call thriving — I need to at least have a few people I can socialize with. I may not feel social all the time, but I crave friendship. It builds my self-esteem and gives me an outlet for that side of my myself.

I hope to cultivate stronger bonds with my friends in the new year.

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