Number Two Hundred

This marks my two hundredth post — amazing. Today is a day for mindfulness and gratitude most definitely. I’ve got a wonderful family to be thankful for. I’ve got a roof over our heads, and I hope to keep it that way (lest we forget V-Day 08). I’m very blessed to have all these wonderful people and things in my life. I’m also learning to be much more mindful in my daily routines. I actually stop to think about things. Did you know spring is right around the corner here? Yesterday, I noticed tiny leaf buds on tree branches, which means we’ll be enjoying those spring green leaves within a week. Not too long afterwards, we will be enjoying the azaleas blooming with lovely shades of pinks, purples, and whites. Perhaps we’ll be lucky enough to enjoy a reasonable stretch of open-window weather before we skip into the blistering hot summer.

So on this day that celebrates love, I hope that you find happiness within your heart — regardless of your relationship status. On this day that celebrates the Chinese new year, I hope that wealth resides in your future. On this day of mindfulness, I hope you are able to really think about life, yourself, and everything in between. On this day, find the little things that make you smile. Find the things to be grateful for. Enjoy life.

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