Seasonal Patterns

I admit this is relatively late in terms of the weather here, but I’ve finally gotten some time to post about the beautiful changes here in North Central Florida.

In March I began to notice the bare trees sprouting tiny, tightly-coiled buds of vivid spring green leaves — that vibrant, yellowish green color exclusive to spring. I love that color. Over the course of a month, the trees came back to life, inviting white ibis to perch among the many branches of the live oak, cypress, and pine trees. Gorgeous azaleas blossomed all over town — pinks, purples, white. It was fantastic. We even witnessed a pair of sandhill cranes before they departed for the north in early April. Flocks of robins paraded back and forth in the mornings in search of fallen berries from the palm trees. All of these occurences mark the end of the Floridian season I call “sprall” — a mixture of fall and spring that begins with a cooling trend and ends with a warming trend. It’s usually dry during this season as well, therefore some may call it the dry season.

Now in late April, we’ve shifted into early summer. The cicadas have returned, buzzing away in trees to remind us that sultry summer days will soon be upon us. We’re on the brink of wildfire season, which usually gives way into hurricane season. The highlights of a Floridian summer are really only swimming, barbeques, fresh summer produce, and ice cream. I could honestly do without the wildfire smoke, hurricanes, and blistering heat.

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