Lenten Vows

Each year I come up with a Lenten vow to both “celebrate” Lent and to better myself. This year, I have decided to give up all junk food — with the exception of cake and ice cream on my daughter’s birthday. First of all, I’ve been binging entirely too much on cookies, chips, brownies, candy, etc. Would it kill me to substitute something unhealthy with, say, a fruit or vegetable? I don’t think so. Secondly, I’m supposed to be losing pregnancy pounds. I’m not doing very well so far, and I doubt I’ll do any better if I don’t curb the unhealthy habits. Finally, I need to be putting good, healthy food into my body so I can function properly. Sugar and sodium do not make for a good, healthy body. Vitamins and minerals, however, will help me to feel more human and less like a zombie. So from Wednesday, February 17th until Sunday, April 4th (Easter), I will not eat any junk food. Should we have Panera at work, I will neither eat a chocolate duet cookie with walnuts nor eat a bag of chips. Should we have Macaroni Grill at work, I will cry instead of eating the tiramisu — oh, I will sob! I will not bake cookies just because I want to turn the oven on. I will eat extra veggies in soups. I will rely on healthier snack options, like low fat pumpkin bread and low fat/ high fiber/ high protein peanut butter banana muffins. No more 400 calorie brownies. No more ice cream. Nada! This unhealthy nonsense has got to stop.

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  1. Crying burns lots of pounds. Or maybe it’s all water weight. 😉 Good plan. I now have new motivation to lose weight. I’ll tell you later. I think a new blog series is in the works.

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