#Cultivate16 Day 11: Path

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” George Bernard Shaw
What would you like to become? How will you create yourself this year?

I’m still not quite certain what I’d like to be “when I grow up.” I know I want to be a brave, kind, strong, loving woman, and I think I’m well on my way to becoming just that. So, I’m going to spend some time this year refilling my vessel so that I can pour into the cups of others. I’m going to take a little more time for creative pursuits — reading, writing, drawing, coloring, dancing, and so on. I’m going to spend time researching my interests so I can find my path once again.

Don’t forget to share your responses by commenting here on the blog or using the hashtag #Cultivate16. Congratulations to Rowena and Tracy on winning the prizes!

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