#Cultivate16 Day 2: Time

Paulo Coelho- Do something instead of killing time. Because time is killing you.

How can you better manage your time? What would you like to do in your spare time to enjoy it more?

Shhh! Want to know a secret? I suck at time management. There, I said it. Oh sure, I can manage my time well when I’m on the clock for my employer — but once I clock out, it’s usually a different story. Time passes by faster than I’d prefer. That being said, it’s time for me to start examining what I do at work so I can bring those habits back home once again. I’d like to have more time for reading, writing, drawing, coloring, playing games, cooking and baking new dishes, and spending time watching my kids grow. I try to squeeze everything in, but there has to be a better way. That’s on my list of goals for the year.

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