#MondayMotivation Mid-October Musings

We’re starting off another week, inching ever closer to my vacation. I’m ready to put together decorations and games for my littlest child’s birthday party and bake a couple of birthday cakes. I’ve concocted an amazing cookie-bar-turned-cupcake idea that seems to be a unique creation — which will NOT be unveiled until I create it and share the recipe. What can I say? I want credit to come back to me when people fall in love with this amazing little treat! I’m ready for some fall cleaning and decluttering, too. The year is winding down quickly, bringing all the fall and winter holidays ever closer and making me contemplate plans and menus. The days are growing shorter, and the temperatures are cooling. I’m reminded that soon enough I will have a prompt series to host, so I’ll need to start writing prompts and drafting emails. It’s sneaking up on me, but I’m ready for it.

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