#MondayMotivation #StealJournal

Negative Manifesto:

I will not live in fear of the future anymore.

I will not let other people’s dreams stand in the way of mine.

I will not get any fatter — I will not resign myself to obesity.

I will not ignore my body’s cue for attention.

I will not allow depression and anxiety to define my life.


#MondayMotivation #StealJournal

What do you do in private that could be done in public? Why don’t you?

I write in private because people tend to talk when I’m in public. I’ve given up on writing on breaks because it never fails to attract attention. I end up involved in conversations, whether or not I’d like to participate. I like quiet time for writing because I can focus and concentrate better. I don’t feel like anyone’s reading over my shoulder or interrupting my train of thought. I’ve been known to write what I hear if I’m not careful, and it’s very irritating and distracting. So instead of publicly writing, I do it in private where I can be at peace. I feel better that way, and sometimes I actually have meaningful and intelligent discussions with others. Writing is my means of unraveling the tangled web of thoughts floating around in my mind. It’s a practice best done with solitude and a drink of some sort.


#MondayMotivation Restore Check In

Over the course of the month, I’ve been working to restore good eating habits. I’ve been eating 2-3 pieces of fruit each day, making sure to incorporate vegetables into breakfast and lunch, and being mindful of the sugary treats I crave. I’ve also made sure to focus on some good protein, and for the most part I’m feeling pretty good about my food choices. I could stand to remind myself to drink water more, but this is about baby steps. Yearly intentions are set as a theme for the year. I’m also struggling with a good sleeping schedule, but shift work doesn’t lend itself to daily routines. I’m also working on fitting more exercise into my life, and I spent a good majority of the month sick with cold after cold.

I’m working on a decluttering challenge to give our home a sense of renewal and freshness. We may be hanging out in this home for a bit longer than I expected, but I think a few changes here and there can transform our home into something that suits us just fine. It feels like this year will definitely be about rebuilding and progressing with life. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m starting to feel energized and motivated again. I’m regaining my positive outlook on life, and I’m adjusting my expectations where necessary.


#MondayMotivation Lenten Vows

It’s that time again. I’m gearing up for Lent — which is actually 46 days and 46 nights if you’re doing your math properly. I’m going to be avoiding social media from Wednesday through Sunday as a means to spiritually ground and center myself. It has become an annual renewing cleanse for myself, and I’m looking forward to growing from the experience once again.


#MondayMotivation Happy New Month!

It felt like January wasn’t quite the auspicious start to 2016 I had been hoping for, but I’ve decided to leave it in the past where it belongs. While it wasn’t my favorite, I did start working on some changes in my life. I joined a weight loss competition at work. I don’t intend to win, but I do intend to remain accountable. My husband and I joined a gym, and we’ve added extra steps to our days. I’ve cooked plenty of hearty homemade soups to add some extra nutrition and immune support. I’ve stopped feeling like I always have to do everything and started trying to nap when I need it. I’ve forgiven myself for days that I neglect my journaling and gratitude practice and stayed open to possibilities. So far, I’ve been mindful of my intentions for the year.

We have 29 days this month, and I’m looking forward to getting the most out of each one of them. The weather forecasts seem to indicate an early spring in our area, so I’ll have plenty of time to nurture my amateur photography. I’ll be able to restore myself in the sunshine, fresh air, and budding leaves. We likely won’t have another snow or ice storm in our area, so we’ll be able to keep a good schedule with the gym. Lent starts on the 10th, and I’m giving up lactose, soy, and alcohol, limiting my caffeine to one cup of tea and one cup of coffee per day, and limiting myself to one small piece of chocolate per day. It won’t be quite as difficult as last year, but it will be just enough sacrifice for me to still be able to enjoy meals with my family.

I’m ready to start researching schools, degree programs, and career paths. I’m ready to completely redesign my websites. I’m ready to start working on my offerings once again. Last month was recovering from the holiday madness. This month is about waking back up and preparing for big changes.


#MondayMotivation Lifestyle Change

As cliched as it is to start lifestyle changes in January, I’m going ahead and stating my intentions loud and clear: I’m ready to change my life! There are several factors at play that have made today The Day, but most importantly we’re done with holiday eating for a while. It’s far too difficult to give up sugary treats in December than it is in January. If you’ve been around long enough, you also know that I have the intestinal fortitude to uphold a vow for Lent; therefore, I’m obviously not the type of person to quit so easily. And now that we’ve cleared the air…

I intend to become stronger and healthier this year. I can give up foods and drinks no problem — but I have difficulty maintaining an exercise routine. I know this is going to be an uphill battle, and I don’t intend to start hard and fast. I intend to build up my stamina and strength so that by December 31st I feel much more capable than I did on January 1st. This intention is also meant to give me back a sense of control in my life. In the last few years, I’ve felt so out of control in my life, and I’ve learned that no one really ever has control of anything. At any given moment, everything could be gone without a shred of notice. I cannot control others or situations, but I can control myself. I’m ready to change my life.


#MondayMotivation Writing Projects

I’m excited for this time of year. I’ve got plenty of writing projects on my editorial calendar. Starting on Sunday, I’ll be doing a 30 day gratitude challenge for the month of November in honor of Thanksgiving. Then for the first three weeks of December I’ll be doing Kat’s Reverb15 prompts, followed by three weeks of regularly scheduled posting and likely finding my word for 2016. (And I just realized I’ll have Susannah Conway’s delicious Unraveling workbook around then, too!) Then for the last three weeks of January, I’m hosting my annual Cultivate prompt series. I’m very excited for all the projects coming up. I’m especially excited for November because I plan to post a picture and a post each day and archive all of them on Pinterest.