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What do you do in private that could be done in public? Why don’t you?

I write in private because people tend to talk when I’m in public. I’ve given up on writing on breaks because it never fails to attract attention. I end up involved in conversations, whether or not I’d like to participate. I like quiet time for writing because I can focus and concentrate better. I don’t feel like anyone’s reading over my shoulder or interrupting my train of thought. I’ve been known to write what I hear if I’m not careful, and it’s very irritating and distracting. So instead of publicly writing, I do it in private where I can be at peace. I feel better that way, and sometimes I actually have meaningful and intelligent discussions with others. Writing is my means of unraveling the tangled web of thoughts floating around in my mind. It’s a practice best done with solitude and a drink of some sort.

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