#ThankfulThursday Vacation Time

I’m so thankful I’m on vacation until a week from today. I haven’t quite felt like myself in a while, and I needed some time to rest, relax, and adjust my attitude. The leaves have hit peak color, and it feels so nice to just enjoy looking out the window. I’m planning on baking myself a cake for my birthday tomorrow. We’re throwing a party for my youngest on Halloween, and I’m especially excited to take that theme and create a great atmosphere for his siblings and friends. We’ll go out trick-or-treating later that night and eat dirt cups afterwards while watching some Halloween specials. We get an extra hour this Halloween night, and I’m kind of excited about that. We’ll have an extra hour to rest. Tuesday is my youngest’s birthday, and we’ll have a batch of cupcakes delivered to his classroom. There’s something so classic as a mother bringing her child cupcakes to share with the class on his or her birthday. I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to brace and reinforce myself for the upcoming holiday shopping season — such is the life of a retail worker!

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