#MondayMeditations Listening to Dreams

After a night of vivid dreaming, I felt compelled to search for the meanings of the dreams. Now of course, I’m not sure I want to bother searching dream dictionaries — I’m pretty sure my dreams were specifically meant for me to decipher based on my own unique situation. The recurring theme? I’m living with far too much regret and taking on way too much stress. I’m quite certain that my subconscious is trying to tell me to let go of the regret, much like I let go of guilt. I very easily deleted drafts for the past Thankful Thursday and Foodie Friday posts. I need to translate that simplicity to regrets. So what if I didn’t know things would have worked out just fine had we stayed in Gainesville! I’m supposed to be learning lessons right now. I’m supposed to be meeting certain people right now. There’s no reason to regret this move anymore, even if I find that I’m unhappy with the overall big picture. I’ve learned that happiness is a practice more than a state of being during this time frame. I’ve met wonderful people during this time frame. I’ve thought about where I’d like to be and what I’d like to do during this time frame. It wasn’t a regrettable mistake — it was a necessary step for growth and change.

I’d love to hear about what your dreams have been trying to tell you. What messages are you receiving?

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