#MondayMeditations Cultivating Patience

Everywhere I look there are signs that I need to be more patient — that I need to cultivate my dreams a little more before they can come to life. I need to learn to enjoy the here and now — to LIVE in the here and now — before I can get to the next steps. I’m rather impatient, though. I want my dreams, and I want them now. Days pass by so fast that I feel like my time’s running out faster than it actually is. Truth be told, that scares me. I’m afraid that I’ll never reach my goals, that I’ll never live my dreams. I don’t know if I’m more scared of failure than I am of stagnation. The thought of being stuck in this rut for the rest of my life terrifies me, but I know that my projects aren’t ready yet. They’re like my babies in a way — they need gestation. They need love, nurturing, and growth before I can release them to the world. And much like a baby, my dream will fail if I throw it out too soon. So, I need to cultivate more patience. I need to be comfortable with here and now. I need to be comfortable waiting. Waiting for everything to fall into place isn’t a sign of failure, weakness, or lack of ambition — it’s a sign that I’m confident enough with myself and with my dreams to give myself and my dreams the time and space needed to fulfill potential.

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