Sick Week

I have been suffering from multiple infections since before Christmas, and unfortunately things kept piling on through the first full week of February 2012. I had thought I successfully beat back my bronchitis last week — only to discover a couple of days later that I had begun to relapse. One $50 doctor’s office visit, ~$20 worth of prescriptions, and 2 sick days off of work later, and I’m still trying to cough this bug out of my system. I also discovered that I truly do know my body best. My newly established primary care provider took the time to palpate my thyroid and informed me that it’s enlarged, a little more swollen on the right than the left.  I’ll be looking into getting blood work and an ultrasound done in order to determine the severity of my condition.

To spin this in a brighter light, I’ve been further motivated to extend myself more love and care — to cultivate a healthy lifestyle that fosters good health and promotes prevention. While I try to maintain a sense of prevention in my life, I could stand to do more to prevent illness. It’s time to ease up on myself and say “no” a little more often.

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