#FollowFriday Spreading An #AppreciationVirus

Since life was busy happening, my Foodie Friday post got postponed until next Friday. But that didn’t stop my brain from hatching a clever idea — why not go for a Follow Friday post instead? It’s the perfect way to share some love without being confined to the 140 character limit of Twitter, and I’d love to show appreciation to the set that inspires me to write. So in no particular order, other than the one Twitter gives me…

@memyself_mommy — Because she’s spunky and shares some pretty cute quotes and pictures
@BrendaDellaCasa — Because she always knows what to say, leading you to believe she’s got you on candid camera
@thenicknick — Because she’s an awesome writer who knows how to stay happy in even the most trying of situations
@whollyjeanne — Because everyone needs a fairy godmother who’ll drop by, sprinkle fairy dust and sugar, and make you feel warm and fuzzy inside — all with just words and pictures
@TMFProject — Because we all need some in-your-effin’-face advice on how not to be a tool
@patrickrhone — Because he’s absolutely quotable and brilliant
@caligater — Because she oozes sassiness and feistiness, and she isn’t afraid to share her spark
@kaileenelise — Because she’s inspirational and creative (especially with those creative weekend to-do lists)
@Zumbalicious_ — Because she can shake it on the dance floor, keep those bellies full, and do it all while living in another country from her family
@DJazzo — Because she encourages us to love our bodies as they are while sharing her own struggles with us
@picsiechick — Because she spreads butterflies and love to everyone she knows and always has the best Soul-Family dailies
@noelrozny — Because when she’s not writing lovely words, she’s also showing her human side. Who doesn’t love meeting a like mind?
@juliedaley — Because she’s unabashedly female
@artemisretreats — Because she’s always got a small stone to share
@MABrotherton — Because illustrations should still be revered in literature
@MrsMediocrity — Because there’s nothing mediocre about her words and photos
@angelakelsey — Because it’s a small world and the Gator Nation is everywhere
@jinxingwinks — Because we’ve all been down dark roads (some darker than others), and it’s okay to admit that
@jesseblayne — Because surviving narcissism takes a very strong woman
@mentalmosaic — Because she loves writing and photographing and knows how to pace herself
@BrandeewineB — Because she is an artist (pronounced with a fake French accent). Just look at her work!
@kirstenogden — Because she brought us to the manifestival and let us celebrate in the month of January
@SandiAmorim — Because she’s spreading an appreciation virus at an exponential rate — and that’s a good thing!

Now let’s get out there and spread the love and appreciation!

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4 Replies to “#FollowFriday Spreading An #AppreciationVirus”

  1. I’m tickled, Meredith! Thanks for the love, Lady! It’s an honor to be included on this list. I, too, am inspired by many of the people you mentioned. Others I haven’t “met” yet, but will follow ASAP!

    Keep shining your light and know that we appreciate you too!! Now it’s time to shake it (learning a new dance today), but not before I eat something sweet in honor of YOU!! 😉
    Robin recently posted..Imbolc: The Feast of St. Brigid

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