#ThankfulThursday Living the Gratitude

I’d been riding the day’s many joys so much that I had nearly forgotten to write. My shift was short and smooth. The grocery shopping afterwards went equally smooth. I came home, put everything away, reorganized the pantry (which had gotten a bit cluttered and out of control), and prepared one of my signature dishes. I baked a cake mix I got for Christmas (and it came with an adorable cake server), then I frosted it with some fancy new frosting dispenser. Cute edging on my cake made easy? Yes, please!

And to top everything off, I received news from my good friend Nicki that her baby girl Kenna’s defying odds like her brother did before her. Baby Kenna was born on Monday at 24 weeks gestation due to fetal and maternal distress. Nicki had been suffering from pre-eclampsia and had been desperately adhering to bed rest in the hopes to keep her baby girl in as long as possible. Luckily, the high risk doctors foresaw a premature delivery and administered medication to help Kenna’s lungs develop faster. Today Kenna underwent her first surgery, and she came through beautifully. I’m so incredibly thankful for medical advances that make this possible, as well as for the power of prayer and positive thinking. Whatever your religious (or non) alignment is, I’d say it’s easy for everyone to appreciate the miracle of a tough preemie.

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