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So, I’ve heard a lot about my readers and friends going on outdoor-type vacations, such as camping or visiting the beach. Luckily, I’ve been asked to write about Summit Camping Gear, an internet company specializing in all sorts of camping gear and items including Coleman Tents. I was snooping around at the advertised tents, and they have great options for picnics, camping, and even hanging out at the beach. A beach tent versus a beach umbrella? I think I might actually opt for the tent, which could shield you from those nasty sandy breezes. They’ve also got 9+ person tents — I can’t imagine cramming over 9 people inside one tent, but apparently it’s possible! I’d imagine it would be nice and roomy for a smaller family looking to spread out while camping.

Aside from tents, they also have backpacks, camping supplies, and even baby carriers. If you’re not familiar with the concept of baby wearing, it is a very convenient, hands-free way to hold your baby while tending to older children or chores. Essentially, the carrier functions as that extra set of arms you wish you had in such events. You could feasibly find all your camping necessities on their website without the worries of shopping around to find all your supplies. If you plan on getting in the water, they even have supplies for pools, kayaking, and boating. Bring your pets — they have pet supplies. Need specific personal care products meant for camping (like a hot water heater to prevent a frosty bathing experience)? They’ve got those. Want to prepare an amazing camp fire meal? Check out their cooking supplies. Want crisp, fresh water without worrying about who’s upstream? They’ve got supplies for that. About the only products I can’t find on their website are food items, but I’d imagine you’d go to your local grocery store first anyway.

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