#Reverb13: Catching Up

The beautiful Kat McNally is hosting this year’s #reverb13. I’m following along with her on this journey and gearing up for 2014 (and my next chapter with the Cultivate series). Here’s my catch-up:

How do you feel, on this first day, in your mind? In your body? In your heart? In your soul?

I’m feeling hopeful and motivated in my mind. I’m feeling ill right down into my bones physically, though. My heart has been filled with a combination of hope and sadness as of late. My soul… feels raw and fragile.

What made your soul feel most nourished this year?

The love and support I received from nearly everyone in my community — both off and online — has nourished my soul the most this year. I couldn’t have ever imagined such a horrendous sequence of events to happen to my family, but I also couldn’t have ever imagined such an amazing outpouring of love.

What does your heart have to tell you?


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