Gratitude # 67

Today was starting out like one of those really lousy days. I hadn’t set out my clothes the night before, and all my warmer stuff was still in the dryer — enjoying the freezing temperatures pouring in via the dryer vent. Do you have any idea how ridiculously hard it is to change into chilly clothing? Definitely not fun. I let them sit under one of the air vents to warm up — just as the heater turned off. You’d better believe I layered up before trudging out the door into the 29°F air that apparently felt like 23°F. The proverbial black cloud was looming over my head. To be concise, things just weren’t going my way this morning. Things just felt off. This 26-year-old woman sitting here typing was on the verge of tears several times, only tempered by the large glass windows-for-walls that would make me a spectacle for all passers-by.

And then, it happened. My boss had arrived from the store with all the things we needed around the office — including some green tea. But not just any green tea! It’s my favorite brand, my favorite variety. A mere serving of the stuff has the unique ability to right all my wrongs, both physical and mental. I don’t know if it’s the antioxidants, the gingseng, or something different, but I feel so much better. It’s mental clarity and physical well-being in a cup/ bottle/ can. Today, I’m grateful for my saving grace. Here’s to my own personal do-over for the day!

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