#AprilMoon15 Day 5

One of my greatest sources of inspiration has always been…

…going outside. I love fresh air, singing birds, lush trees, fluffy clouds, clear skies, and sunshine. I love starry, moonlit nights and the chirping of crickets. The feeling of wind through my hair as it rushes past. The chance encounters with wildlife. Something about going outside always softens my mood and provides a quick boost of inspiration. In fact, I’m sitting outside on my back deck enjoying some twilight typing as I respond to this particular story starter. Spring birds are calling to each other in a tree overhead. They look like blue jays from here, although it’s getting harder to see through the branches as all the spring green leaves have begun to unfurl. A quick search confirms that the songs I heard were indeed blue jays singing in that tree. The clouds are rushing past in the atmosphere on this breezy evening, inviting me to hurry my finger tips along.

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