#AprilLove2016 Dear Sanctuary

Dear Sanctuary,

This month you’ve greened back up into my favorite place once again. We probably need to replace your tiki torches and add some potted plants (a to-do we’ve had for over 4 years now…), but you bring me such peace. I listen to the birds, cicadas, crickets, wind, and squirrels chattering here. I soak in the ultraviolet light of the sun. I breathe in the fresh mountain air. I delight in the wind playing with my hair and the birds flitting through the trees. I watch my children play on your soft grass. I cozy up by the fire with a refreshing drink and marshmallows. Fireflies — or as I knew them growing up, Lightning Bugs — come out at dusk, lighting up the evening with neon green flashes. I cast off my worries out here and find tranquility.


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