#Reverb15 Transformation

Tell us about transformation.

It’s been a slow progression over the last few years. A crease here, a stray gray there, little extra aches and pains. The people I interact with don’t see what I see — or feel what I feel. They try to convince me that it’s just a myth, that it won’t happen to me. Some days I fight against it and try to believe the compliments. Other days, I realize that this is an eventuality to be understood and accepted. Aging. It happens to all of us. We will all lose our youth sooner or later. Thus far, I’ve been lucky. My hair maintains the beautiful shade of brunette. A healthy amount of water and appropriate moisturize cleans the lines from deepening too soon. I try to focus on my health so that I can enjoy a quality life as my body eases into the next phases of life. This year I haven’t moved my body as often as I should have. I haven’t always made time for self-care. Next year, I intend to further increase my health and vitality so that when the gray hairs and wrinkles come, I can still enjoy my life.

Image credit to Kat McNally
Image credit to Kat McNally
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