#Reverb11: New Friends

New Friends (Inspired by Martha Mihalick): Tell us how a new friend changed your life or perspective this year.

I’ve met a few new friends this year, both on and off the Internet. I couldn’t possibly pick just one of them because they’ve all changed my perspective this year. At moments when I doubt myself or feel regretful about my move, these new friends remind me that I’m doing the best that I can — and I wouldn’t have met them or bonded with them were it not for the move.

As a side note, I chose to skip Insightful Peace because it became the same convoluted prompt I was hoping to fix anyway. During the 365 days of a year, we don’t always remember each and every moment for what it is. Even when we remember particular moments, they may not embody a particular mood or feeling that we’re attempting to express. This is my first year hosting my own prompts, and I’m hoping next year I’ll do better.

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