#Reverb11: Gift

Gift (Written by Holly Root): This month, gifts and gift-giving can seem inescapable. What’s the most memorable gift, tangible or emotional, you received this year?

The best gift was offered to me ten days ago by a very dear friend. She’s my blog buddy and has been for quite some time now. Nicki of Suddenly Not So Single Journey gave me a copy of her newest book, Live the List. Live the List is one part narrative, one part self-help, and one part inspiration. At a time in my life when the ups are fewer and farther between and the downs are crushing, soul-shattering moments of hopelessness, Live the List reminded me that everyone needs to find moments of happiness in even the toughest situations. It reminded me that spring always follows winter — that spring is coming, and I need to bundle up just a bit longer before the new blooms of opportunity and hope begin to appear once more. Live the List inspired me to gather my family together on New Year’s Day for some good family bonding over listing our goals and intentions for the year. I want to remember to “find my happy,” just like Nicki does. Even now she’s still finding her happy, even while on bed rest — life or death bed rest that could result in not only the death of her unborn baby girl but also the death of herself. If she can find happiness while doing her very best to fight for her daughter’s survival, then I should have no trouble at all finding happiness. And while I’m almost 36 hours late on this post, I’m glad I’m writing this review today because I’ve once again remembered that I must work extra hard to be happy. I can’t just flop on the couch and bemoan my woes. I have to get up, dust off the misery, and find the nearest opportunity for a smile. And so should you. Grab a copy of Live the List and get inspired to start living for those moments of happiness. Start living with the intention of being happy, even when the line seems ten miles long. While you’re waiting, you just might find a good reason to smile, giggle, or have a belly laugh.

*Note: I decided to skip the Defining Moment prompt. I reread it and realized I was about to give myself the same headache as I did last year — only this year I’d get the headache of attempting to determine a defining moment. Let’s leave obscurity out of this process of reflection and manifestation.

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