#AprilLove2016 Dear First Love

Dear First Love,

When my feet were able, I danced. I didn’t just walk or run — I danced. Tapping my toes, spinning in circles, moving my body to the music. For nearly 10 years you and I were inseparable. At one point you were my career of choice until I fell in love with animals and their care. You were still there in the wings, waiting for me just in case I faltered. One day my family moved away from all that we knew, so we were forced to part ways for a while — although I still moved to the music whenever possible. One year we finally got to go¬†en pointe, fulfilling a dream of twirling around on my tip toes. This relationship wasn’t exactly great for my feet, but it was superb for my soul. The blisters, bruised toes, and soreness were a small price to pay to enjoy you. I’m sad that we don’t enjoy each other’s company nearly enough, and that’s my fault these days. Perhaps this is life beckoning me to rekindle our love affair…


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