#Cultivate15 Day 20

Affirmation: The strongest way to empower yourself is to affirm yourself and your goals. Write 10 affirmations to encourage you on your journey to cultivate your dreams.

From: http://www.havingtime.com/pursue-dream-career-despite-naysayers/

1. I fought for and protected my family.
2. I am very capable of making and achieving goals.
3. I smile even when life seems to be going wrong.
4. I know how to care for my family.
5. I have great family and friends to support me on this journey.
6. I practice gratitude and happiness.
7. I rest when I need it.
8. I created a list of prompts that are still incredibly relevant.
9. I gathered a group of people looking to cultivate a life worth loving.
10. I answered some very important questions for myself.

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