#Reverb13 Batch 4

How will you practice self-compassion?

I understand Jill’s dilemma all too well — practicing self-compassion in moments when we need it most but lack it even more. Moments when we feel like we’ve hit rock bottom and failed miserably. I’ve had far too many moments like that this year. It took some wise words from a dear friend to help me muttle through those moments and practice self-compassion. So, I practice living one day at a time, taking life in stride, and suspending any expectations for my plans. When the moment strikes, I try to remind myself that I’ve faced so much adversity with courage already that I know I’m strong enough to handle this. I try to give myself a moment to simply sit down by myself and do whatever needs to be done — drink water or tea, have something to eat, think, or simply rest. Going forward, I’m going to try to have a “bad day box” on hand to help me practice more self-compassion and get through the moments of misery and failure.

Look at what you see in the mirror. How does it change if you view yourself with eyes that can only look forward?

This is the third hardest prompt (12 came in second, and 10 came in first, considering I wrote it and need to do it justice) of #reverb13. Some times I have a hard time stopping to simply see myself. I see the future as I’d like it, but I don’t quite see myself. I suppose when you look back, you view all that you have accomplished, all that you have endured, and all that may have gone awry. When you look forward, it seems kind of hazy and foggy, a veil of mist obstructing your view. Looking forward, I see myself growing into a wise sage like some of the very lovely women I’ve had the opportunity to meet both off and online. I see myself growing into the kind of mother that kids (eventually) turn to for advice on a great number of issues. I see myself as a source of inspiration for the next generations — the motivation to fight for what matters most and for what’s just. I see myself as a passionate writer and speaker, advocating for those in need. I see myself with eyes that hold great expectations, and I hope with all my heart that I do not fail the wise old woman who is waiting for me to become her.

2014 is going to be MY YEAR because… I’m going to grab hold of it firmly and remind 2014 that I have overcome the adversity of 2013. Given all the strife I’ve endured this year, I’m surely much stronger than I was on December 31st, 2012.
In 2014, I am going to do… everything I can to reunite my family and get back on track, focusing on that which matters most, cultivating that life worth loving.
In 2014, I am going to feel… relieved, healed, rejuvenated, and content.
In 2014, I am not going to… allow outside forces to continue hurting me, my family, and anyone else I hold dear to my heart.
In December 2014, I am going to look back and say… “I’m so glad to have achieved so much and saved our family.”

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