This morning, I pulled the blanket over me. This is monumental because it’s been a sauna in the bedroom for the past few months. A cold front came through last night, so we opened the window and enjoyed some fresh, cool air wafting into the room. I think it was 53 at its coolest last night, according to the weather reports. The bedroom was sitting at a pleasant 72. I pulled out my flannel pants and opened the kitchen/ laundry room window this morning when I came down for breakfast. I waited until noon to open the sliding glass door — I wanted to see the thermometer hit 60 before doing so. I’m slightly chilly, which is a welcomed change from the constant sweating. Tonight it’s supposed to go down to 45. I just might need to use a comforter. Can you believe that? I might finally get a respite from all the hot, humid, stickiness that has become so incredibly suffocating! I’m looking forward to (potentially) wearing a long-sleeved shirt and warm socks to work on Monday. Of course, that’s contingent upon my childbearing status. In any case, I’m so relieved and happy.

This is post number 99 for me. My next post will have to be something extra special to celebrate. It’s only taken nearly two years.

ETA: I’m still waiting for Junior to arrive. I’m going just a bit stir-crazy, but slow and steady wins the race I guess.

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