#MindfulMonday Discipline

Focusing on how your present affects your future is only one aspect of living a more enjoyable life. We need discipline. It takes discipline to choose the apple over the cookie, a brisk walk over the laptop, or even going to bed over staying up late to do anything but sleep. Some days we don’t discipline ourselves as well as we should, and other days our to-do list looks like a to-done list at the end of the day. I’ve been personally working on disciplining myself better. A lot of times we associate the word “discipline” with punishment — this isn’t the only meaning of the word. I discipline myself daily by writing three pages in my journal each night. In order to be a writer, I must write. I must practice my craft. When I discipline myself, I feel like a better writer. Practicing helps me feel like I’m developing and improving my skills. The discipline I have now will cultivate a brighter future as a writer. The discipline I have now will encourage me to continue combing my work — and the work of others — for editorial errors. The discipline I have now will benefit my future students.

Focus on how your present affects your future, then discipline yourself.

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