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Brenda Della Casa recently shared some things she’d overheard, including this: “Do not focus on the now.  Focus on where you want to be, the life you want to be living.  That might help you make better decisions now.” I’ve spent the weekend ruminating over these very wise words. I regularly try to balance living in the moment with daydreaming of what I want. However, a more mindful way to daydream is to sit down and creatively brainstorm. Imagine that ideal life. What are you eating? Where are you living? Who’s with you? How do you spend your days? What activities and adventures do you put on your calendar? Imagining these details can seem a bit overwhelming, but having a clearer picture of what you want out of life can give ideas for baby steps to get there. If you can change one small thing every few weeks or so, you get one step closer to your ideal lifestyle that much easier.

We can’t necessarily make our lives suddenly near-perfect overnight, but we can take steps to make the life we have now closer to our ideal. I’m not waiting around. I’ve already been making changes that I’d like to keep — daily writing, drinking plenty of water, eating a healthier diet, and getting regular exercise. I know that in time other aspects of life will fall into place if I apply myself and take steps to change it. Now if only sleeping better would hurry up and fall into line — but I’m applying myself and making the effort. Adults need bedtime, too, but it’s up to us to enforce it.

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